amelia beamer


  1. News & Notes at Night Shade Books - 07. Sep, 2010

    [...] Realms of Fantasy reviews THE LOVING DEAD by Amelia Beamer – "Beamer’s version of zombiehood is still about eating brains—and just about any other portion of the human anatomy—but she foregrounds what has, until now, mostly been the erotic subtext of the genre. … Beamer’s zombies hunger for us—and we lust for them. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship… Throughout, Beamer’s writing is sharp, funny, sexy, and appropriately gory. A whole lot of somethings happen . . . and fast. … But it’s in an epilogue set ten years later that Beamer brings a less frantic and more reflective tone to her novel, taking the outrageous deadpan comedy of the book into a more somber and human—or is that post-human?—place." [...]

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