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  1. Dave H. 9 March 2010 at 1:38 pm #

    Really powerful imagery. Something a lot of authors screw up. A good intro, it will be interesting to see where you go with this.
    Am looking forward to the ride.

  2. Jay Willson 9 March 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    Wow – nice work! I’m ready to pick this up. When will it be published?

  3. Amelia 9 March 2010 at 6:45 pm #

    Thanks, guys. Jay, THE LOVING DEAD will be out in July, available at discerning as well as disreputable booksellers. Thanks!

  4. Danel Olson 11 March 2010 at 11:05 am #

    Now here’s a Zombiescribe with the rarest of talents: the ability to consistently surprise us!

    Like a sudden zombie-kiss, this book takes me aback. Who can say what’s coming at us in the next chapters? Who wouldn’t come back for more?

    I like how conflict builds easy and smooth, and how cheeky the whole is. I believe there is some Mae West in Amelia Beamer…. Those who she shocks should probably be shocked a little more often.

    Most impressive at how softly yet surely these three senses descend over THE LOVING DEAD. Let me quote:

    Doubt & Slowly-dawning Wonder:
    “Something like that,” Jamie said. “You just don’t expect that, not in Berkeley. Panhandling, maybe, but not this. He just came up on me before I knew what was happening. I was looking in my purse, for my keys, you know? And before I even hardly see him he’s pushing me up against my van and trying to stick his tongue down my throat.”
    Both women looked down at the sidewalk. The guy’s eyes were closed. He was in a bad way: obviously homeless, judging by the layers of clothing he wore against the still-warm summer night. Never mind the smell. His hair looked dirty in the yellow light from the street lamp, and his face was smudged. A liquid seeped from near his groin. It bubbled on the sidewalk. Malt liquor.”

    Downright Scary Flirting:
    “That lady zombie gives me a big grin, and she’s got most of her teeth blacked out, and then, only then, do I see that it’s makeup. There isn’t even any on her neck, although her face was gray. Like a B movie. She blows me a kiss and then walks away.”

    The Fear of Sexual Abandon, Discovery of Its Unearthly Delight & Worry About How It Will Change Our Lives:
    “Their mouths met. What happened then was complicated and friendly and different than anything Kate could remember.
    ‘My boyfriend doesn’t kiss like that,’ Kate said when Jamie pulled away. Boyfriend wasn’t really the term for what Walter was, but the situation was too complicated to explain.
    ‘Don’t stop,’ Kate said. Over and over, until she couldn’t speak. It was a beautifully long orgasm. As it ebbed, Kate couldn’t help but laugh. Lying on her back, she felt the tension leave her. She kept her eyes closed. She squeezed Jamie’s fingers, still inside her, and Jamie took that as a signal to withdraw.
    Jamie licked her fingers, then smiled. ‘You’re not so straight after all,’ she said softly. She lay down next to Kate and put an arm around her. Their faces were close. ‘That’s okay. Every girl can eat a little pussy and still be straight. Women’s sexuality is more fluid, anyway.’
    How can we say no to dialogue like with that kind of slap? I am won over. Congratulations on this very fresh take!


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